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Posted by Tittle X (ip:)
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  • Date 2020-05-31
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If you have any questions regarding product purchase and installation, defects, etc., we will respond as soon as possible.

thank you

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  • b**** 2021-01-15 0points
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    Spam Hi, I have 2 children who I want to be able to use the indoor stick and also their own junior clubs. Is there a specific setting in tittleplay and E6 that I need to do maybe in a profile set up or something so it registers their swing correctly? (I haven’t received the product yet, just looking to get a head start 😂 thanks
  • Tittle X 2021-06-14 0points
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    Spam The answer was late.

    After logging in, in play or practice mode, up to 8 additional people can be entered.

    Thank you.
  • e**** 2021-02-26 0points
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    Spam I bought the tittleX less than a year ago and the device does not hold it's charge. How can this be fixed?
  • Tittle X 2021-03-06 0points
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    Spam Please check your adapter. If charging with 5V 1A adapter, 3 LEDs flicker and no LED is turned on when plugging out, the device is defective. Please request an exchange via the email below.
  • g**** 2021-03-05 0points
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    Spam Hi.
    How long does it usually take for the email delivery of the license / product code if the galaxy watch license is ordered?
  • i**** 2021-03-06 0points
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    Spam HI,

    Today my son was swinging the TittleX when the stick broke with a swing then flew into the wall. I know it broke first because I was watching my son at the time ( 18 years old with swing speed >110mph). Also, if I were to send you a picture you can see the inner wire has been extended with the swing as it broke and if you measure the distance between the holes in the wall they match up to the extended broken stick ( therefore, you can tell it broke before it hit the wall). Unfortunately , the tittle itself does not work either after the incident!! I guess we were lucky no one was in front of him at the time ! It seems like there was a defect in the stick, has this happened before? Will you replace my Tittlx X and stick.

    I did enjoy swinging the product and hope you will stand by your product.

  • Tittle X 2021-03-06 0points
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    Spam I don't have this experience. The stick is designed to be very safe.
    Have you ever had a crash elsewhere?
    Fortunately, I think it is fortunate that there were no accidents.

    To the email below
    Send me pictures of your broken sticks and sensors.
    I will analyze what is the problem.

    If it is determined that there is a problem with the stick, I will send a new stick.
    However, in the case of a device, it is difficult to determine why it is a problem.

    Wait for your reply.
  • i**** 2021-03-23 0points
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    Spam Hi,
    Have to say excellent customer support! Had a problem but was corrected very quickly. Love the device. Play a lot with my sons that love the device also. We are avid golfers but when it rains, kinda fun to do indoors. Would recommend it to everyone. Happy swinging.
  • n**** 2021-03-17 0points
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    Spam Is it possible to use two sensors (2 players) at the same time on my e6 software? It would be much faster than switch clubs. I am a lefty and wife is a righty.
  • m**** 2021-03-22 0points
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    Spam Are there plan to support additional simulation software, in particular, the Golf Course 2019?
    If you do add support for additional simulation software 1) will it require a new sensor 2) what is the approximate date the new simulation support would be released?
  • n**** 2021-03-31 0points
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    Spam Is it possible to use two senors at a time. I am a lefty and friends are all right handed. I see that you sell extra senors but i am not sure what you mean " for CS only"

  • g**** 2021-05-09 0points
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    Spam Hello,
    I have had my tittle golf game for several years. I haven't used it for 3 and just got it out again. I cannot get audio to work. When I first used it I had to use my cell phone for the audio and someone from tech support helped me set it up for just the computer since that's the only way I use it. I did however try and use my cell but couldn't log on. I guess it's not the same password but can't figure that out either. Anyway would just like to get audio working again. Thanks
  • d**** 2021-10-15 0points
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    Spam Hi,
    I am waiting on an email from your support team as I was told this would happen on the contact forum .
    iOS license
  • e**** 2021-11-24 0points
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    Spam The tracking number for the UPS delivery that is attached to my order shows the tittle x has been delivered to the USA. I am hoping the tracking number is incorrect as I am in the UK.
    Please advise.
  • m**** 2021-12-14 0points
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    Spam I am finding that all the swing values seem way off with the real club versus the swing stick. I have checked the settings to make sure the real club is selected but I get really weird inconsistent read-outs. I have watched all the youtube videos and from all the reviews I have watched I seem to be having an issue. I could understand if it was just a little off versus the swing stick but it cuts my swing speed in half. Please advise.
  • d**** 2021-12-25 0points
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    Spam My tittleX sensor does not show lights on touch panel even when plugged into power supply or disconnected.
  • g**** 2022-01-09 0points
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    Spam Just received Tittle X and it keeps disconnecting during play. Have used 2 different computers. Any suggestions or is my device faulty?
  • a**** 2022-01-14 0points
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    Spam I have already sent an email to I have used the device for about 3 weeks and today it just went dead. It was fully charged and I had only used it for about 30 minutes today. I put it back on the charger and attempted to reset the device, but it does not respond. Is there a way to reset the device that I am missing, or is the device defective and I need a new device. I purchased the product less than 6 weeks ago.
  • r**** 2022-02-11 0points
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    Spam I’m confused how do I contact someone regarding a faulty sensor? It won’t power up. I’ve been charging it for an hour. New out of the box and nothing
  • l**** 2022-04-22 0points
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    Spam I would like to buy Basic package, can you ship it to China mainland?
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