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Title User-based UX, tittle X sensor usage
Posted by Tittle X (ip:)
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  • Date 2020-11-09
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How to use a touch panel

The tittle X can be controlled by club changes,orientations while using through a PC or iOS system, it can also be quickly andeasily adjusted via the sensor attached to clubs.  

When touching the arrow shown on the sensor’s touchpanel, you can control club change, direction change. 

The LED lights on thesensor also provide Bluetooth and battery information.

If the red light flashes, it indicates that it is notconnected to Bluetooth, when white light is on, it is connected to Bluetooth. 

The white light also indicates the amount of battery, so if the indicator islow it needs to be charged.


Set-up Attitude Vibration Notification

The little X sensor detects the setup position. 

If youtake the set-up position when you play, the vibration will start within asecond or two, and be ready. 

You can proceed with a shot. 

However, if theset-up position is shaken, it will be initialized and 'waiting' will appear onthe screen and the setup mode will be released. 

In this case, release and takeset-up position again, and vibration will alert you to the ready status.


Charge the sensor

The sensor can be charged via a 5-pin charger and thecharging line is included in the package. 

An adapter is not included, but itcan be charged by using your existing adapter or by connecting it to yourlaptop or desktop.

The sensor automatically enters sleep mode after 10minutes of inactivity.

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